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Need help thinking of a story? Browse some of these questions below for some thought-starters.

When did you first realize you were LGBTQ? What was that like?
Were you out in high school? Were your teachers or classmates supportive?
Who was your first crush? Did you ever tell him or her?
What was your first LGBTQ experience like?
What was your first kiss like?
What was your coming out experience?
How did your family and friends deal with your coming out?
Did you ever have a bad experience being LGBTQ in your hometown? Did anything or anyone surprise you about coming out in your hometown?
Is there a moment when you felt accepted in your hometown or current town?
Was there a moment that the rising visibility of the LGBTQ community affected you?
Have you taught or mentored anyone about what it’s like being LGBT?
Has the internet helped you find community that you haven’t been able to find elsewhere?
How do you celebrate your sexuality on a day to day basis?
What was college/your early-mid 20s like for you?
Who are your LGBTQ icons? Why?
Do you have a mentor who has helped you in the past? How did you meet them?
What makes your relationship work? How do you know that your partner is the one for you?
What was being LGBTQ in high school like for you?
Have you ever met an unexpected ally?
How did religion affect your coming out or being LGBTQ in general?
Have you ever witnessed someone’s evolution on LGBTQ issues?
How have politics affected your life as a person who’s LGBTQ?
What was it like going to a lesbian or gay bar for the first time?
Have you ever experienced homo/bi/trans*phobia?
Have you ever been bullied for being LGBTQ?
What was your first time at a LGBTQ March or Parade like?
Has your sexulity or gender identity ever been an issue at work?
How was your last breakup?
How did you tell someone you love them?
Did you ever date someone of the opposite gender?
What’s been the biggest challenge of being LGBTQ?
Are you proud of being LGBTQ?
Do you have any children? Do they know you’re LGBTQ?
If you have a partner, have you discussed having children with them?
How has HIV/AIDS affected your life?
Have sexism or racism made being LGBTQ more difficult? If so, how?
Who is your LGBTQ hero and how have they affected your life?
How did your grandparents react to you being LGBTQ?
What was being LGBTQ like in the 90s/80s/70s/60s/50s/40s?
Are you an LGBTQ activist? If so, how have you made a difference?
Have you ever experienced homophobia from a healthcare professional?
Have you ever moved because of homophobia?
Have you ever done drag? What was that experience like?
What was it like coming out at work?

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