IFD wants you to be part of our 50-state Story Tour by choosing our route. Tell us why we should visit your town, whether it’s because you have an extra room or couch we can crash on, your town has the best BBQ in the world, the only gay bar in a 100 mile radius, you’re a lesbian potato farmer and that’s awesome, or just because you have a great story to share. Be creative. Be sure to check the 50-State Story Tour Schedule to see if we’re coming to your town.

Click the ‘Add‘ button on the map to submit your suggestion. All the suggestions will be considered; not all suggestions will happen. We’re trying to stay in as few hotels as possible so if you can open up your home to us, your suggestion will be strongly considered. Click here to make a suggestion on a bigger map (click “Additions”, then “Add Marker – Detailed”)

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