Exorcists Try–And Fail–To “Cast Demons” Out Of Gay College Student

Sam Johnson

My name is Samuel Johnson and I am from Boston, Massachusetts. So, I grew up in the Pentecostal tradition of Christianity. After a long, hard childhood of growing up in that particular denomination, I went off to a Christian university called Liberty University, which is in Lynchburg, Virginia. During my …

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Conversion Therapy Doesn’t Work. “I Actually Felt Closer To God When I Accepted Myself.”

Braden Bradley

I’m Braden Bradley and I’m from Hallsville, Texas, which is a small town in northeast Texas, close to Louisiana. There’s one stop light and a Dairy Queen and it’s just cute and quaint. I met my first boyfriend and my first love at theater camp when I was a Senior …

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Gay Law Student Puts Ex-gay Counselor In His Place.


My name is Scott Blair. I’m from Ocean Grove, New Jersey. When you apply to law school these days, you can actually mark on your application if you are openly gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. And, you know, I put that down, because I figured why not? I was. And …

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Richard Socarides Recalls Coming Out To His Dad, One of the Founders of Conversion Therapy

While everyone’s coming out story is different, Richard Socarides’ might be one of the most unique. Richard, who served as President Clinton’s senior adviser on gay rights, explains his coming out experience in his twenties: [My father] was the founder, or one of the founders, of the school of psychiatry …

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Parents Send Teen To Ex-Gay Ministry – Video Story.

After coming out to his religiously conservative parents, Robbie Maris was sent to “ex-gay” ministry, Exodus International. Robbie explains: “What Exodus preaches is that there is freedom from homosexuality through Christ. Everyone who goes in there has same-sex attractions, that’s not something that’s debated about. The president, Alan Chambers, has …

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