This Week’s Stories

april 11 - 17

I’m From Wasilla, AK – Video Story.  I kind of came out in college to my closest friend and basically it all went against me. I was assaulted and had my tires slashed, my car egged, dealt with stuff like that for four months – basically picked up all my stuff and moved in about a week’s worth span. Moved to Anchorage to kind of start over.

I’m From Pontianak, Indonesia. It’s me who is going to transform to be a new me, as I have just decided to take a real break from the guy who I have had a relationship with for over three years. I have just shared with Mom within the past 7 days that I like guys, something that is considered taboo and brave enough in the Asian family context.

I’m From West Hartford, Connecticut – Video Story.  The summer after my freshman year of college I went to do summer-stock in Manteo, North Carolina which is on the outer banks and the day we all moved in – a summer rain shower came along and we were out on the deck dancing in our underwear which I don’t really know why we were doing that but it seemed like the right thing to do.

I’m From Grand Saline, Texas.  I strategically waited for my Dad, who has been sober for a year now, to finish three Keystone Light tall boys before I broke the news. The more relaxed he was, the better. He had known for about a week that I would be visiting and I had something important to tell him.

I’m From New Orleans, Louisiana – Video Story. My name is Dix and I’m from New Orleans. This is where I grew up. I have a daughter who is – it’s almost criminal to call her seventeen because she’s going to be eighteen in about two weeks. Which is really amazing. And it’s interesting that we are here talking because she was conceived (laughter), right there!

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