This Week’s Stories

august 8 - 14

I’m From Benton, Arkansas – Video Story. My name is Nalley Smith and I’m from Benton, Arkansas. I’m a member and the former president of Prism, which is the GSA at the University of Central Arkansas. We do a lot of events, I do a lot of activism there and I have in the past. One of the most exciting things we probably do is Coming Out Day, which I believe is October 11th and every year we’ve made it our tradition to do a drag show.

I’m From Clackamas, Oregon. I was raised to never get away. Manipulation and abuse are what I thought family meant. I grew up in dysfunction. The physical bruises so much easier to heal that the ones that lay embedded in memory. Still, tender after all these years. The only time I ever stood up to her was when I said I was gay. I’d never kissed a girl, but I told her I wouldn’t change.

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