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august 2 - 8

I’m From San Jose, Costa Rica. With much anticipation they went on their first date eight years ago, just as millions of couples do when they are searching for a spouse, a companion, a friend. During their date one mentioned he wanted to buy a home and marry; the other mentioned he wanted to adopt children. Both realized the long quest had finally come to an end as they faced the man whom they would marry. Arturo and Dave married two years later.

I’m From Bayswater, Victoria, Australia. I was 50 and just out of a long-term gay relationship and about to enter into a long legal battle with my ex to retain my home and finances. Yes my house was very important to me as I knew I could leave it to my sons once I had passed on, a sort of legacy that would help them in the future. Not only did I have all the legal stuff on my mind, my ex also launched a war of nerves on me. Phone calls in the middle of the night with music playing at the other end, voiceless messages on my answering machine, mail missing from my letter box, oil spilt on my door step, clods of dirt thrown onto the driveway, it was relentless, it was a bad time in my life.

I’m From Willmar, MN. Around my eighteenth birthday in October ‘08, a very dear friend of mine, Morgan, was killed by a drunk driver. She was so much inspiration to me, and claiming to be bisexual, was really the driving force that encouraged me to come out earlier that year.

I’m From San Diego, CA. It was a combination of moments, really, that got me writing right now. Moments, layered one on top of the other, that brought to mind the line from Virginia Woolf, “Life is not a series of gig lamps symmetrically arranged; life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.” Today, one semi-transparent envelope wafted delicately to settle one on top of the next so that, when gazed through all together, they became a single lens. A telescope, a microscope maybe, that brought into focus — for just another moment — an entire world. An entire gay world. Let me explain.

I’m From Washington, D.C. – Video Story. When I was working at Yale this summer, one of the first students to arrive was a small, sort of fragile-looking girl, her name was Erica. And I think as teachers, or any kind of authority figure or role model in somebody’s life, it’s really important to support your strongest students, which doesn’t necessarily mean a student who has the best academic performance or your best athlete. Erica is definitely one of the strongest students I’ve ever had by far.

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