This Week’s Stories

january 17 - 23

I’m From Queretaro, Mexico. I’m from Mexico City but my family moved when I was a year old to Queretaro, a town known in Mexico for being incredibly conservative. I was bullied for everything, from my having an insects collection (too weird) to being born in another city.

I’m From Grand Forks, North Dakota – Video Story. My name is RoxeAnne Moore. I live in Grand Forks. I’ve lived here most of my life. We have two kids. Cory is an FTM transgender, was born Michelle Lynn Moore, approximately five years ago began to transition as a male.

I’m From Kotzebue, Alaska. The rocks flew alongside forced laughter. “You can’t hit me.” It was a declaration and prayer. What began as a daily “game” during recess sometimes got scary…

I’m From Fort Wayne, Indiana. My name is Jill Bennett. The biggest part of my career I think has been being openly gay, and seeing, I hope, the positive effect of what being open can do. Getting to meet gay people from all over the world and connect with them.

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