This Week’s Stories

march 28 - april 3

I’m From Lagos, Nigeria. I walked up the stairs to that conference hall where hundreds of people from different crannies of Nigeria had gathered to discuss progress made in fighting against AIDS in their domains. And my gaze met his.

I’m From Chicago, Illinois – Video Story. I’m Jennie Brier, I live in Chicago, Illinois and I’m from New York City. I’m Kat Hindman and I’m an Army brat, but when I was twenty I moved to New York City and I lived there for fifteen years and so I think of New York as my home. We approached our dear friends who are a couple and asked them…

I’m From Oregon City, Oregon. Growing up, all the “stereotypically gay” things that I did and liked were not really unusual for anyone in my family. All of my family loves to decorate, cook, shop, and perform. I can only assume that this is how virtually no one in my family knows about me.

I’m From Carnoustie, Scotland, UK – Video Story. I’m Alan Cumming and I grew up near Carnoustie in Scotland, the north east of Scottland. I grew up on a country estate where my dad was the head forester. I grew up in the middle of nowhere actually. I’m Alan Cumming and I’m from the middle of nowhere.

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