I’m From Seguin, TX.

by jacque

Found out I was related to a Vice President. Shortest term ever, six weeks, but still…awesome.

Then my husband received a copy of Veeps: Profiles in Insignificance and lo and behold not only was my very distant cousin Minister to France, but also something of a dandy. And mostly likely gay. More awesome.

Intrigued, I nosed around some of our ancestry records and while there was no mention of William Rufus deVane King’s rumored relationship with James Buchanan – Southern kin often pass down records via the family Bible, afterall – I did find out W.R. owned several plantations. And slaves. Lots of them. Not so awesome.

So while I cheer that Billy was at least out enough for colleagues to take note – he unapologetically shared a home with Bucky for fifteen years – I can only hope that if he’d lived a little longer or at least in a later time, he’d champion every one’s right to live freely.

Now that would be awesome and worth handing down.


  1. That’s really interesting. It’s always fun to find who you’re related to.

  2. I don’t know *anyone* who’s gay in my family–distance ancestors or current family–much less famous ones. That’s cool, Jacque. You should work that angle to get to stay in the Lincoln bedroom in the White House or something.

  3. that’s an idea. and less likely to get me arrested than my other schemes.

    thanks for the post and congrats on the advocate interview!

  4. I wanna have a gay VP ancestor! I pick Hannibal Hamlin.

    Awesome story Jacque. :)

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