Queer Latina Connects With Prince and Lives a Life of Sex Positive Activism. | Transcript

Queer Latina Connects With Prince and Lives a Life of Sex Positive Activism.

My name is Elicia Gonzales and I am originally from Colorado. When people ask me where, I usually say Denver, ‘cause that’s what people know. But I technically grew up in Broomfield. It actually wasn’t until moving from Broomfield, Colorado to Denver into a more urban environment that I first … Continue reading


“It Felt Amazing” After Sikh Man Took Off Turban, Cut Hair, Came Out of Closet

My name is Mandeep Jangi and I’m from Middlesex, New Jersey. When I think about my journey in life, my story, and kind of where I came from, it actually doesn’t start as a gay man. I often ...

Participating in Dyke March As a Child Gives Lesbian Confidence Later in Life.

My name is Kayleigh Anne Salstrand. I’m from Pollock Pines, California, and it’s a small mountain town of about 5,000 in the Sierra Nevadas of Northern California. I grew up there with my father and my sister, mostly. My ...

Brit Beats Back Years of Depression by Finding Gay Friends and Community

My name is Tom Wicker and I’m from Lewes in East Sussex in the United Kingdom. My first memory of anything gay related was actually a TV ad when I was probably about 4 or 5. And it was of a ...


“I Am Who I Am, You Should Get Over It.” A Trans* Youth’s Path to Self-Acceptance.

I’m Alex Williams. I’m from Philadelphia. Growing up, I was raised very, very, like, Christian, just strict, like, down-your-throat kind of Christian religion. Before you can even walk or talk, the number one thing I think that was ...

“I’m A Freak And I Like Being A Freak.” Keith Levy On The Creation, Ups, And Downs of His Drag Persona Sherry Vine.

My name is Keith Levy, and I’m originally from Columbia, Maryland. I also am known as Sherry Vine, who’s a character I perform as. My entire life and vision was on this path of being a movie star. ...

Dancing In His Underwear for the Garbage Man, Noah Embraced Queerness and Sexuality Since Childhood

I’m Noah Michelson and I’m from Racine, Wisconsin, which is a good place to go home to now but not a great place to grow up if you’re queer and especially in the 80s. And I was ...


How Punk Music and Feminism Changed a Young Life.

My name is Rudy Garcia, and I’m from East L.A. I’m the last of eight children, and our family migrated here in the late ‘70s. My parents – at that point, by the time I reached junior high ...

Lesbian Rapper Shares Tribute to Gay Uncle.

My name is Monique Contreras and I’m from Orange County, was raised in Missouri, and I have currently been living in Los Angeles the past 10 years. I cut hair, and I mostly cut male hair, barber-style, old school, I ...

I’m From Burtonsville, MD – Featured Artist

FEATURED ARTIST - Frank-Joseph Frelier STORY by Anthony S. Recently I have been rather reflective about the past 4 years to the point where I sat in a cornfield by myself for 30 minutes this weekend while camping. One of the things ...


AIDS Activist and Radio DJ Explain How Their Relationship Works

Edward Strickler would rather talk about his AIDS activism. Jim would rather talk about his favorite African guitarist, Diblo Dibala. They met in 1981 and have been together since. Ed explains how their differences help make their relationship work: We were ...

I’m From Drexel, MO – Video Story.

My name is Wick Thomas, I'm originally from Drexel, Missouri. It's where I grew up, spent seventeen years of my life, spent some more time in rural Kansas, in Paola, Kansas. And then I moved to Kansas City when I ...

I’m From Mayflower, AR – Video Story.

Today’s Video Story was collected on the 50-state Story Tour. Check out the blog where you can follow us on our adventure. If you haven’t submitted a story yet to IFD, or if you want to submit another ...
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