Brit Beats Back Years of Depression by Finding Gay Friends and Community | Transcript

Brit Beats Back Years of Depression by Finding Gay Friends and Community

My name is Tom Wicker and I’m from Lewes in East Sussex in the United Kingdom. My first memory of anything gay related was actually a TV ad when I was probably about 4 or 5. And it was of a stormy volcanic landscape with lightning in the background and … Continue reading


“I Am Who I Am, You Should Get Over It.” A Trans* Youth’s Path to Self-Acceptance.

I’m Alex Williams. I’m from Philadelphia. Growing up, I was raised very, very, like, Christian, just strict, like, down-your-throat kind of Christian religion. Before you can even walk or talk, the number one thing I think that was ...

“Queer is Weird.” I’m From Atlanta, GA.

Queer is weird. I was 13 when I began to realize I wasn't straight. It’s not that I don’t like boys, I just like girls more. I went through a few labels trying to identify my sexuality. Straight, bi, ...

“I’m A Freak And I Like Being A Freak.” Keith Levy On The Creation, Ups, And Downs of His Drag Persona Sherry Vine.

My name is Keith Levy, and I’m originally from Columbia, Maryland. I also am known as Sherry Vine, who’s a character I perform as. My entire life and vision was on this path of being a movie star. ...


Mathew Shurka Forgives His Father After Enduring Years of Conversion Therapy

My name is Matthew Shurka, I’m from Great Neck, New York, I’m 26 years old, and when I was 16, I came out to my father. My father gave me the best answer that any son can ask for, was ...

Gay Student Stands Up To Homophobic Counselor.

I’m Nephi Niven and I’m from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. When I started dating boys it was all secret and I wasn’t telling most of my friends. Actually hiding my actions made me sick to my stomach. I went ...

“I’ll Be Damned If I’m Going To Be Buried A Girl.” Gender Transition Gives HIV+ Trans Man Reason To Live

My name is Teo Drake, I actually grew up in Connecticut, near New Haven. The story basically is this intersection or this way of looking at my struggle around gender identity and the way in which that level of sort ...


The Path of Acceptance vs. The Path of Rejection.

My name is Eric Thomas and I’m from the Bronx NY. I had a high school friend who was one of my best friends, his name was Felix. We came out to each other in high school so we ...

I’m From New York, NY.

Ken came to work at 7 am sharp every day and left at 3, not a minute later. I tried to point out to him that his workday was scheduled for 9 to 5. He usually just nodded to me and came in at 7 ...

Black Community Spotlight: Khary

To reinforce the sometimes overlooked fact that there are black people in the LGBTQ community, and also that there are LGBTQ people in the black community, I'm From Driftwood's very first Community Spotlight will feature stories from the black community ...


I’m From Brighton, UK.

I think I've known I'm gay for years, but I'm still struggling to accept myself and am very much still in the closet. The more I discover myself, the more my relationship with my mum breaks down. She is homophobic, ...

I’m From Buckinghamshire, UK.

I'm 18, and have been for about a month. It was hardly a big change, compared with all the other stuff that my life has involved. Right now, I'm sat in my (foster-brother's, but he's at uni) room, surrounded by residual ...

I’m From Swansea, Wales, UK.

I didn't mean to do it, but I did, and here I am.  How did I get here? I've always been gay.  I've known it since I was five years old.  Growing up in a small Welsh town was not ...
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