Gay, Closeted, and Heartbroken in Morocco. | Transcript

Gay, Closeted, and Heartbroken in Morocco.

My name is Anthony Mercurio and I’m from San Francisco. In 2009 I studied abroad and lived in Morocco, studying Arabic. I came out of the closet when I was very young, I was 15. Out and proud and pretty loud about it. I grew up in, I was lucky … Continue reading


Discovering the Gender and Racial Divide in the LGBTQ Community

I’m Femi Redwood. I’m from Milton, Delaware, which is about 15 minutes outside of Rehoboth Beach. Teeny tiny little place in Delaware, with about 13 black people, so 6 of them were my family. So after I came out, my first ...

“This Is My Boyfriend.” 5-Year-Old Falls In Love With Hercules.

My name is Alexander Zuccaro, I’m originally from Tom’s River, New Jersey. I can remember growing up always feeling strange, odd, and different. Not just for being gay but being artistic as well. I never really hung out ...

“You’re Really Sweet, I’m Just Not Into Black Guys.” Experiencing Racism Within The LGBTQ Community.

I’m Nelson Moses Lassiter, I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When I came to terms with my sexuality, it took a very long time. I used to just debate with myself back and forth and I used to, I was ...


“It Felt Amazing” After Sikh Man Took Off Turban, Cut Hair, Came Out of Closet

My name is Mandeep Jangi and I’m from Middlesex, New Jersey. When I think about my journey in life, my story, and kind of where I came from, it actually doesn’t start as a gay man. I often ...

Why I Identify As “Queer.”

My name is Jaime-Jin Lewis and I’m from Charlottesville, Virginia. My whole life I feel like I’ve been an “other”, from being an Asian American, being female, being a transracial adoptee, being a Southerner who was growing up ...

Black Community Spotlight: Stephen Winter

My name is Stephen Winter, I'm originally from Chicago, IL. I'm here to talk to you about this time this guy named Nathan called me and said he wanted to talk about black gay issues. It was a journey within ...


IFD Live: How Cross-Dressing And “Mommie Dearest” Helped Teen Confront Bully.

Being a gay 6th grader sucks. It was particularly bad for me in Mississippi in 1985. Life sucked at school, it was horrible, every day I was tortured, it was just horrible. “Sissy”, “faggot”, “gaywad”, it never ended, never, ever ended. ...

I’m From Eucutta, MS – Video Story.

When Daniel came out at 15, his parents gave him two options. "One, you can either leave right now. Just get your stuff and go. Or two, we’re going to enroll you into a Christian school and you’re going ...

I’m From Brandon, MS – Video Story.

After nearly losing her life in a drunk driving accident, Ashley decides it's time to live an open, honest life. Ashley explains: Having that self destructive life, led to almost killing myself, unintentionally, but, you know, driving on an interstate ...


I’m From Pflugerville, TX – Video Story.

Today's Video Story was collected on the 50-state Story Tour. Check out the blog where you can learn more about Milani and about our adventure in Garland, Texas. Continue reading

IFD + ACS: I’m From Berkeley, CA – Video Story.

This week, in partnership with the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of the LGBT Community, we are sharing stories of LGBT cancer survivors and friends. The LGBT community is affected disproportionately by lung cancer, prostate cancer, and cervical cancer. ...

I’m From West Milford, NJ – Video Story.

If you're interested in being in a Video Story, just let me know and we'll set up a time and place to meet. Watch all the IFD Video Stories here. For the transcript, Continue Reading. Continue reading

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