“I Think It’s Really Weird That Some People Don’t Think That Bisexuals Exist Because We Do.” | Transcript

“I Think It’s Really Weird That Some People Don’t Think That Bisexuals Exist Because We Do.”

My name is Rachel and I’m from Keller, Texas. This one time I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival and afterwards they have this huge bonfire. It’s super fun, everybody’s dancing around, and they’re playing drums and stuff and girls in chain mail. And I saw this girl across the … Continue reading


Teen Uses Eagle Scout Project To Help Gay Community.

I’m Eric Snyder, I’m from Averill Park, NY. I started out in the Cub Scouts program when I was five years old. Like, day 1 in Kindergarten I signed up. Then we went to the boy scout program when ...

The Path of Acceptance vs. The Path of Rejection.

My name is Eric Thomas and I’m from the Bronx NY. I had a high school friend who was one of my best friends, his name was Felix. We came out to each other in high school so we ...

Why I Identify As “Queer.”

My name is Jaime-Jin Lewis and I’m from Charlottesville, Virginia. My whole life I feel like I’ve been an “other”, from being an Asian American, being female, being a transracial adoptee, being a Southerner who was growing up ...


Bisexual Struggles With Perception of Being Straight.

As a child, Faith Cheltenham thought she was gay. As she grew older, though, she became aware that her attraction was much broader than to just one gender or identity. Faith explains: I dated straight women who became bisexual women, ...

“I Became A New Woman” After Bisexual Awakening In Paris.

79-year-old actress, singer, and comedian D'yan Forest had an experience in Paris 50 years ago that changed her life. Forest explains: I got a divorce, which in Boston is a sin. I had always thought, let me go to Paris. So ...

“‘I Could Leave You’ is the Issue, Not Who I Will Leave You For.” A Bisexual’s Dilemma.

Lisa Morris, who identifies as bisexual, married a man when she was 29. We went to City Hall and got married. On a Tuesday morning at 10. I was in cutoffs and a tshirt, I think he was, too. I only had ...


Field Trip: Classmates Fear Sharing Bed With Gay Student, Mom Has To Chaperone

Rahm had every reason to be excited about his upcoming middle school field trip. From 6th Grade, we're told the DC trip is awesome. It's the end of the year, it's so cool, you get your own rooms, you get ...

The Choice In Bisexuality.

Holly explains the sometimes tricky situation of coming out as a bisexual. It’s weird to come out as a bisexual because it’s both that there is something of a choice and you know there is a choice and ...

I’m From Spokane, WA – Video Story.

I'm Ronny Oliver. I'm Mathias Oliver. I'm Reagan Oliver and we are the Oliver family from Spokane, Washington. (Mathias) Yes! (Reagan) We've been working really hard on helping Mathias our son who's fifteen and he came out when he was ...


I’m From West Hartford, CT – Video Story.

I'm Peter Paige. To say I'm from West Hartford, Connecticut is a little bit of a misnomer, I was born in West Hartford, Connecticut but I'm from a lot of places. I envy people who can say a statement as ...

I’m From Lakeport, CA – Featured Artist

Story and art by Daniel Strohmeier My father was a used car salesman by day, and by night and weekend he was a lousy, yet enthusiastic, do-it-yourself home repair man. There is a picture, somewhere, that my sister took of ...

I’m From Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Stolen glances, wry smiles, and eyes catching each other. Aren't we all familiar with these. I found myself falling for Ben, a smart, sleek and smooth-talking marketing executive working in my college. Don't we just love men in suits. The ...
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