“When’s It Going To Be Okay To Call You ‘Albert the F*ggot’?” | Transcript

“When’s It Going To Be Okay To Call You ‘Albert the F*ggot’?”

I’m Albert Eisenberg, I’m from Philadelphia. When I came out which was in 2009, right after I finished high school so I was 18, I was pretty confident from the get-go that I would have a supportive family, which they were to varying degrees, certainly my immediate family, my parents … Continue reading


In This Family Of Seattle Seahawks Fanatics, Coming Out Can Wait For A Commercial.

I’m Robbie Macaraeg from Bremerton, Washington. Being from Washington, the Seattle area, we have a lot of pride in our town. I even have a Seattle tattoo. I come from a family of avid Seahawks fans. We’re very ...

“Surprise!” Abby Comes Out To Her 90-Year-Old Grandpa.

I’m Abby Fink and I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I recently came out to my grandfather. He was kind of the last one in my family to know. His name is Irving and he’s this old, 90-year-old ...

Gay Law Student Puts Ex-gay Counselor In His Place.

My name is Scott Blair. I’m from Ocean Grove, New Jersey. When you apply to law school these days, you can actually mark on your application if you are openly gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. And, you know, I ...


Transitioning From Rugby Jock to Glamazon Drag Performer.

In college, Rudy Flesher joined the rugby team, not only developing a love of the sport, but also gaining the name he now goes by. Rudy explains: It's a name I got playing rugby, based on the movie "Rudy", where ...

I’m From Salisbury, MD – Video Story.

If you're interested in being in a Video Story, just let me know and we'll set up a time and place to meet. Watch all the IFD Video Stories here. For the transcript, Continue Reading. Continue reading

College Football Captain Comes Out To Team.

My name is Brian Sims. And the story that most people like to hear me talk about is, I was a college football player, and how I sort of came out to my college football team. I'm very fond of ...


“[If You're Bisexual] Why Don’t You Choose To Be With A Woman And Be Like You’re Normal?”

I’m Mike Szymanski and I’m from Hollywood, California. I always knew that I was interested in boys and girls, it always was the case. And I didn’t really know what bisexuality meant or used the word because ...

Queer Latina Connects With Prince and Lives a Life of Sex Positive Activism.

My name is Elicia Gonzales and I am originally from Colorado. When people ask me where, I usually say Denver, ‘cause that’s what people know. But I technically grew up in Broomfield. It actually wasn’t until moving from ...

“It Felt Amazing” After Sikh Man Took Off Turban, Cut Hair, Came Out of Closet

My name is Mandeep Jangi and I’m from Middlesex, New Jersey. When I think about my journey in life, my story, and kind of where I came from, it actually doesn’t start as a gay man. I often ...


Coming Out as an Undocumented Immigrant and Coming Out as a Queer Man.

My name is Carlos, Padilla, and I’m from Seattle, Washington. I was originally born in Guadalajara, Jadisco, Mexico, and I immigrated into the United States at the age of 2. For me, living a life of being an undocuqueer, someone ...

I’m From Sedro-Woolley, WA – Video Story.

Today’s Video Story was collected on the 50-state Story Tour. Check out the blog where you can follow us on our adventure. If you haven’t submitted a story yet to IFD, or if you want to submit another ...

I’m From Spokane, WA – Video Story.

I'm Ronny Oliver. I'm Mathias Oliver. I'm Reagan Oliver and we are the Oliver family from Spokane, Washington. (Mathias) Yes! (Reagan) We've been working really hard on helping Mathias our son who's fifteen and he came out when he was ...

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