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The stories on I’m From Driftwood send a simple but powerful message to LGBTQIA+ people everywhere: You are not alone. I’m From Driftwood combats isolation and creates empathy to build a more understanding and accepting world. These are our stories, told in our own voices.

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I’m From Driftwood’s Storytelling Toolkit for Family Counselors is available for any counselor or therapist who has a client struggling with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQIA+) issues. There are 17 first-person Video Stories that cover topics such as coming out to parents, children, or spouses, being transgender, issues with bullying, and more. Simply share the stories contained within the packet with your clients, either together or send them links to view alone.

This packet was created jointly by I’m From Driftwood, the LGBTQIA+ Story Archive, and Dr. Jacqueline Hudak, Ph.D., LMFT.


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How a Crush Saved a Queer Person’s Life. “Falling in Love was the Catalyst for Accepting Who I Am.”

by Grey

How a Crush Saved a Queer Person’s Life. “Falling in Love was the Catalyst for Accepting Who I Am.”

Hey, so my name is Grey. I grew up in Florida.  I grew up in a church and in a family that was very conservative Christianity wise. They’re also Caribbean. There’s alsSo that led me to finding community online, then finding community in person, and then coming to a place where I can accept and be proud of who I am. And that has brought me to whe...

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Justin Senense Headshot

by Justin Senense

After Coming Out to Filipino Immigrant Parents, Gay Man Learns to Stop Seeking Approval From Others.

I’m Justin Senense, and I’m from Abilene, Texas. I was raised under three pillars. I would say for a Filipino family, it was always food, then it was family, and then iI think in that moment with Elizabeth, the word anak shifted for me. I recognize I was always that son. And that being gay, loving a man, being something that my parents still had ...

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Daye Pope Headshot

by Daye Pope

“You’re My Child. I Want To Be There.” Iowa Mom Accompanies Daughter to Thailand for Gender-Confirming Surgery.

My name is Daye and I’m from Clear Lake, Iowa.  Growing up in the country, back home, I always knew that I was different. And I remember at one point when I was 10, actuallyI couldn’t put it off any longer and I was living in Washington, DC at the time and I remember having so much nervous energy that I actually left my house and was pacing arou...

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