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Gay Man Comes Out To Friends, Then Family, Then 250 Co-Workers At The Same Time. Watch Story.



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    Junior, a latino gay man stands in front of pink brick wall.

    by Junior Suazo

    First Love Compels Gay Man to Mend Fences with his Mom. “There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel.”

    I’m Junior Suazo and I’m from Miami, Florida.  My family is from Nicaragua. I’m a first generation college graduate and I come from a Catholic background. Growin...

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    Dina, a queer peruvian immigrant sits for interview.

    by Dina Paolo Rodriguez

    Queer Person Thrives After Choosing Theater Over Evangelism. “How Could It Possibly Be a Sin?”

    My name is Dina Paolo Rodriguez. I’m from El Caja, Peru.  We immigrated to the US, to Miami, in the late nineties and my mom became a born again Christian, evangelical Chris...

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    Tim, a gay man, sits smiling looking off to the side.

    by Tim

    Top, Bottom or Vers? Gay Man Defies Social Pressure and Comes Out as a Side.

    I’m Tim, and I’m from Montclair, New Jersey.  I came out in three separate occasions over a summer. The first one was, “I think I might be gay.” And the se...

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