The I’m From Driftwood Podcast

For each episode’s transcript and featured stories, click on the links below:


Episode 1: Premiere – Featuring stories by Ben and Ashley.

Episode 2: Childhood Crush – Featuring stories by Ann and Alexander.

Episode 3: Celebrity Interview with Sherry Vine! – Featuring Sherry’s story from 2014

Episode 4: Outward Appearance – Featuring stories by Charlie and Oliver

Episode 5: Bi-Inclusion – Featuring stories by Evonna and Amelia

Episode 6: Immigration – Featuring stories by Ilo and Adrian

Episode 7: Substance Abuse & Addiction – Featuring stories by Ashley and Vernon

Episode 8: Race, Aging and Activism – Interview and stories by Don Bell! – Featuring Don’s stories

Episode 9: HIV/AIDS & Healthcare Discrimination – Featuring stories by Teo and Doug

Episode 10: Coming Out – Featuring stories by Robyn and Courtney

Episode 11: Transitioning Later In Life: Interview and stories by Pearl Bennett! – Featuring Pearl’s stories

Episode 12: Confronting the Racial & Gender Divide in the LGBTQ+ Community – Featuring stories by Stephen and Femi




About The I’m From Driftwood Podcast

I’m From Driftwood has been collecting and sharing first-person LGBTQ+ Video Stories for over 11 years now and recently passed 25 million views on its YouTube channel. Now, I’m From Driftwood is launching a new program, giving lovers of storytelling, the LGBTQ+ community, and podcasts a reason to celebrate. The podcast’s first season will consist of 12 episodes, each with its own theme. Topics range from childhood crushes, immigration, and bi-inclusion, to substance abuse, gender identity, and racism within the LGBTQ+ community. Each episode will feature the audio clips from I’m From Driftwood stories, and will then be discussed by the two podcast hosts.

The Podcast will be produced by Anddy Egan-Thrope and hosted by Alex Berg and Phil aka Corinne. Anddy is a Made in NY Fellow, the producer of the podcast “Queers From the Crypt”, and creator, producer, and host of “Fruit Basket”, a podcast about queer comedy. Alex, a “a loud and proud bisexual femme” is a journalist covering national news, women’s issues, and LGBTQ culture. Phil is the creator, producer, and host of the podcast “Transition of Style” whose mission is to “help gender non-conforming people bring forth their most authentic, confident and true selves by providing professional styling.”


This Podcast is made possible in part by the support of:

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