I’m From Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Growing up gay in a country with a Muslim majority like Indonesia is like the Justice League heroes hiding their identities! I’m pretty sure that Superman or Batman or Wonder Woman feel lonely when they fight the villain alone. And when they meet each other in a Justice League board meeting, I’m certain they feel happy knowing they’re actually not alone saving this earth from evil. That’s pretty much an illustration of how I feel when I heard of the existence of this “underground” campus club. There’s no chance in Hell we can build a Gay-Straight Alliance club at our campus, but what we can do is turn to this Internet forum where gays in Indonesia can interact with each other. And we did.

We then invited all the members who happen to be students at my campus to create a gathering, and voila! Our first gathering was conducted in a nice cafe and only nine students could make it! But that was only the first meeting, which was conducted in 2006. Yesterday, the seventh gathering was attended by 40 students, not only from my campus but also from other campuses in my city. In fact, I met my first boyfriend there. So did my friend, my friend’s friend, and my boyfriend’s ex. The gathering has created a complicated spider web consisting of of our members’ relationships!


  1. A man after my own heart, opening a story with superheroes like that. 😉

    You’re doing a wonderful thing by helping gays in Indonesia (or anywhere, for that matter) to feel welcome and be part of a group. Keep it up, hero.

  2. What you all are doing is more than amazing and thank you for sharing this.

  3. It’s amazing that you organized this! Congratulations, and horray for bringing together a new side of the community. :)

  4. Is it the coincidence or what? the (google earth) picture used for the story shows the campus I’m talking about… cool!

  5. Super-cool story and a real inspiration–thanks for sharing (I’m cheering for you guys!)

  6. It’s great that you all got creative about finding ways to support each other. Hopefully someday soon it won’t have to be so discreet.

  7. Hi! I’m 25 years thai gay man. I’ll go to Bandung, Indonesia on 29 Nov-5Dec 2009 for training. I’ll stay at the Novotel Hotel at Bandung. I want to make an Indonesian friend, we can go for dinner or travel. This is my first time to indonesia. Anyone who interest, contact me via my msn: [email protected].

  8. Saf….

    My partner and I are cheering you on from Pasadena, California. I have every faith that by keeping the pressure on we will gain our freedom as gay people. It has always been this way for minorities and this is our time.

    Rick and Clarence

  9. I’m from Bandung too
    Just wondering about ur nice community.
    Could u add me in YM at skydiver9161?
    I hope we can be a good friends and perhaps i could find some peace together with others in the community…Makasih

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