I’m From Clarksville, TN.

by robin l.

We were just children on the playground. I was a tall and chunky girl, and you were even taller and so much more graceful. What grade were we in? I swear it was the third grade; it couldn’t have been anything more.

I was on the swings as you pushed me, and as the bell was called, I dug my feet into the ground to walk inside with the rest of the class. I heard you walk up behind me, and you said my name. I turned. You asked me to come to your house for the weekend, to spend the night.

That Saturday, I went to your house. I remember all so clearly. I sat on the floor, and you brushed my hair. “Can I tell you a secret?” you asked, and I looked up, and nodded. It didn’t take you long to kneel beside me on the ground and bend over, cupping your hand around my ear: “I think I like girls like I should like boys.”


  1. well that’s certainly the youngest and simplest coming out story I’ve ever heard. It makes it seem like such a non-issue coming from a 3rd grader.

  2. that’s completely hot…

  3. im touching myself right now

  4. A beautiful story; thank you.

  5. That is an example of Life at its finest. Thank you.

  6. It was so simple for her. She was so young!

  7. Some young children do have crushes with someone of the same sex.

  8. That was really cute, thank you for sharing. :)

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