Trans Person Finds Community And Gender Euphoria In Philadelphia. “It’s Not Going To Be An Easy Road, But It’s Worth It.”


  My name’s Sunny Marks. I am from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. In 2016, I came out as a lesbian, as a Butch lesbian or stud, to my family and friends. It was definitely a difficult time because I had to basically live two separate lives. One, you know, as somebody who …

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Gay Man Forgives His Family For Traumatic Childhood. “I Did That For Myself Because I Needed To Heal.”


  Hello. My name is Luis and I’m from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. My mother was intermittently present. She used to live in a different city. My father wasn’t around or was never present in my life, so I got to live with my grandma. I have to say that …

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After Years of Searching, Queer Man Finds Community In Philadelphia. “This Is What A Family Feels Like.”


  My name is Gabriel Marenco-Garcia and I’m from Tomball, Texas. I grew up in a predominantly Latinx household, which was also dominated by Catholicism. Even the location of where I grew up is on the far northwest side of the Houston suburbs, borderline rural, and so it was an …

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“These Are Incredible Women.” Lesbian’s Bout With Cancer Opens Mother’s Eyes.


I’m Simone Federman and I’m from Buffalo, New York. My father was a professor, experimental fiction writer, and he was very comfortable with the fact that we were incredibly close and that I was a tomboy, and I was extremely athletic and I did all sorts of sports with him. …

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Finding Love While Living Through The AIDS Epidemic.


Coming Out To Parents in the 1970s Wasn’t Easy But “Time Heals All.” Every every gay man knows at some point in their childhood, certainly by puberty, that – what their attractions are, but admitting it to oneself pre-Stonewall was a whole other story. When I was at Andover, you …

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“It Ripped My Heart Out” Choosing To Fit In Instead Of Interacting With Gay Friend

Cameron Stiehl

My name is Cameron Stiehl and I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ll never forget the day that I found out that there was a difference. I was at a drama festival in Albuquerque where all the high schools gather–I was in high school–and all the high schools gather at this …

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