Falling In Love, Breaking Up, And Reuniting: “Every Day Was The Best, Best, Best, Best Day Ever.”


1950s: Experience During Naptime: “It Was An Inkling Of A Difference.” So being a native New Yorker, I started my early childhood education on the Lower East Side. I was four and a half, five year old. Started nursery school. I remember – very vividly remember one day at night …

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Lesbian Activist Recalls Her Fight For Marriage Equality.


  1970s: Meeting First Girlfriend And Discovering Lesbianism. “She Really Helped Me Start On That Road.” When I was about 17, so that’s in the seventies, I had this friend Jerry who lived in my neighborhood. We’re very close, the families. He had a couple of brothers, too. We all …

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With Help From “Gay Spirit Guide”, Woman Goes From Self-Identified Tomboy To “Definitely 100% Gay” In First 72 Hours Of College.


Hi. I’m Keisha Price. I’m from Dover, Delaware. When I was getting ready to go to college, I was loading up the U-Haul with my mom and my dad and my baby brother. My boyfriend comes over and he’s got flowers and he gives me a kiss and he’s like, …

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First Graders Rush To The Defense of Mom’s Trans Daughter: “These Kids Are Incredible. We’re Gonna Be Okay.”


I am Marcella Andrews and I am from Madison, Wisconsin. I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and went to high school there. I have a distinct memory in high school of being in the hallway near my locker. Someone walked by and said, you know, “Hey, you’re a lesbian.” …

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“Are The Cats Gay, Too?” Queer Woman Comes Out To Mother With A Little Help From Her Feline Friends.


My name is Sho Barksdale. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Animals have always been a big part of my family’s life. Growing up, I’ve had cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, snapping turtles. It’s always been a big passion for us. My mom has always been a big advocate of animals and …

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“Coming Out Is An Act Of Activism.” Lesbian Reflects On Being Out In The Workplace.


I’m Charlotte Lewis. I’m from Geneva, Switzerland. The first time I had to come out was to my mother. I came out. I was 16 years old. We were in Geneva. She said, “That’s great. But you’re still going to marry a man, right?” So I came out to my …

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