“[If You’re Bisexual] Why Don’t You Choose To Be With A Woman And Be Like You’re Normal?”


I’m Mike Szymanski and I’m from Hollywood, California. I always knew that I was interested in boys and girls, it always was the case. And I didn’t really know what bisexuality meant or used the word because I came out as gay first and I told my parents and it …

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How Punk Music and Feminism Changed a Young Life.


My name is Rudy Garcia, and I’m from East L.A. I’m the last of eight children, and our family migrated here in the late ‘70s. My parents – at that point, by the time I reached junior high school – they could afford to send me to private school or …

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I’m From New York, NY – Video Story.

Today’s Video Story was collected on the 50-state Story Tour. We met Dwayne in Nashville; he does amazing work with many organizations, one in particular being Nashvile CARES, which promotes HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, and helps those living with either. We haven’t posted about Tennessee yet, but check out the …

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One Story. Two Perspectives.

NOTE: We collected the following two stories in Salt Lake City on the 50-state Story Tour. Gay Lynn Costa and her son, Kyle McElwain, hosted us while we were in SLC and were quick to become our friends whom we’re in regular contact with now. We filmed Kyle’s Video Story …

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