Exorcists Try–And Fail–To “Cast Demons” Out Of Gay College Student

Sam Johnson

My name is Samuel Johnson and I am from Boston, Massachusetts. So, I grew up in the Pentecostal tradition of Christianity. After a long, hard childhood of growing up in that particular denomination, I went off to a Christian university called Liberty University, which is in Lynchburg, Virginia. During my …

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I’m From Brooklyn, NY – Video Story.

I’m Lauren Gulbrandsen and I’m from Brooklyn, New York, originally. I never really felt like being gay was so political until I went to the Archives — the Lesbian HerStory Archives — for the first time. It’s just like a magical kind of place. It’s an archive, it’s like a …

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I’m From Clear Lake, TX – Featured Artist

FEATURED ARTIST – Brian Ness STORY by Rafi Mittlefehldt I’m 5 years old and surrounded by hundreds of kids my age, all of us soaked with chlorine water and dopamine and sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. It’s summer in Webster, Texas. The pool’s enormous, looks impossibly huge through little-boy eyes. I’m having …

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