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Sexually Harassed at Work, Fired, and Then Empowered: Two-Spirit Person Finds Voice by Speaking Up.

by Cherokee Lindsay

Sexually Harassed at Work, Fired, and Then Empowered: Two-Spirit Person Finds Voice by Speaking Up.

My name is Cherokee Lindsay, and I’m from the Bronx, New York.  About four years ago, four or five years ago or so, I was at a place in my life where I was happy with my job...

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Junior, a latino gay man stands in front of pink brick wall.

by Junior Suazo

First Love Compels Gay Man to Mend Fences with his Mom. “There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel.”

I’m Junior Suazo and I’m from Miami, Florida.  My family is from Nicaragua. I’m a first generation college graduate and I come from a Catholic background. Growin...

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Dina, a queer peruvian immigrant sits for interview.

by Dina Paolo Rodriguez

Queer Person Thrives After Choosing Theater Over Evangelism. “How Could It Possibly Be a Sin?”

My name is Dina Paolo Rodriguez. I’m from El Caja, Peru.  We immigrated to the US, to Miami, in the late nineties and my mom became a born again Christian, evangelical Chris...

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I’m From Driftwood believes that a queer and trans story archive should represent the entire spectrum of our community’s identities. In 2022, the I’m From Driftwood board of directors formally adopted a “Story Equity” policy to ensure we are amplifying the stories of groups that have been historically underrepresented in traditional media.


The IFD Story Equity policy is upheld by three pillars: Amplification, Accessibility, and Transparency.

1 Amplification:

We will amplify marginalized voices by ensuring that (1) the majority of our storytellers belong to the BIPOC community and (2) the majority of our storytellers belong to communities other than cisgender men.

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3 Transparency:

Each year, I’m From Driftwood will publicly share the breakdown of our storyteller demographics, including race and gender, as well as a list of story topics so we, and the public, can see where we need to focus our efforts.

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