Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

I want to take a quick minute to formerly introduce a couple key contributors to I’m From Driftwood.

Rafi Mittlefehldt (He’s From Clear Lake, TXReally.) made the mistake of informing me that he doesn’t just hold a Journalism degree. Rather, he double-majored in Journalism and Computer Science. Ever since that fateful day, Rafi will get “homework assignments” sent to him on any given day, at any given hour, asking him to do everything from moving widgets down to putting ads up. I’ll occasionally let him stop working so he can go to his full-time job, walk his dog or have date night with his boyfriend. Whenever I think of something I want done for the site, Rafi makes it happen in a flurry of 1’s, 0’s, and funny jokes.

Marquise Lee (He’s From Garland, TX) is the man behind the camera and the editor of all the IFD Video Stories. I originally approached Marquise to do a one-time video for the site and he took the idea, turned it on its head, improved it and evolved it into the IFD Video Stories you now see every Friday. In addition to being a video genius, he also opens up his futon for me every time I go to Philly. Marquise also somehow puts up with my emails every Thursday asking him if Friday’s Video Story will be finished in time. They always have been.

I’m lucky that such great friends are also so talented, and the site would be a little less special without them. Their bios can also now be found on the About IFD page.

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