I’m From Alamogordo, NM.

by Heather Otero

Satellite overhead image of New Mexico from Google Earth 2022

I knew I was gay in high school but I was so afraid to say anything! I am a daddy’s girl and was so worried about what my dad would think. I had never dated a girl before, but at the age of 18 I met the love of my life. From the moment I met her I knew! I had never felt like this before about anyone! With my heart in my throat, my stomach in knots and speechless, she invited me to her house to hang out. That night after much shyness from the both of us we broke through and talked all night. Being 40 at the time she is very old school and asked to kiss me. That kiss, that kiss was it! We started dating… one year later she proposed… another year later on our 2 year anniversary, at the last moment we decided to take the 18 hour drive to Iowa to get married. Raining cats and dogs, running late and dripping wet, we were joined in marriage. Things have never been better! We plan to get a home and hopefully by the age of 23 I will be able to carry our children.

My dad, by the way, is so supportive and loves me for who I am.

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