I’m From Fairfield, OH – Video Story.

by Ryan Creed

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I’m Ryan Creed, I grew up in Ohio–Fairfield, Ohio.

I came out when I was 21. I was in New York but it still kind of took me a long time to get over being gay, I guess? I was still going through that juvenile phase where it’s like, if you think someone seems “faggy” then that, you know, if they seem gay then that was bad. So I think it just took me a while to kind of work through that.

So my first gay kiss story is–I actually call it my first kiss story period–it was actually Billy Joel’s wedding. I grew up with his wife–his current wife–so she invited us to the wedding, it was on Long Island. And I went to the wedding and I had bought them a sex whip from Toys in Babeland because I didn’t know what else to get them and the joke being that it beats as well as a Kitchen Aid, because she’s really into cooking.

And so I was on the bus and I remember telling someone that I’m not going to drink, this is going to be a good wedding. And the moment I get there, all the staff, I went to college with, who were like out of work actors who were catering at the time. So I spent basically the entire wedding drinking with them. So I ended up getting like blackout drunk to the point where I don’t remember getting home from Long Island. I just kind of woke up in my place in Manhattan.

But at the wedding, there was a waiter there who I guess was cute and we apparently spent the entire time making out next to Paul Reiser and Paul Reiser’s wife outdoors. The kissing wasn’t that remarkable, it wasn’t that eventful, I remember thinking at the time that wow, this is it, this is the first gay kiss and it was with a waiter at a wedding, in front of everyone.

So I get home the next day and I get a call. And it was him. Apparently the bride had given him my number. So he called me and he was like, “Hi, you know I had a lot of fun talking with you, this is me, you know, we made out, I don’t know if you remember. You know, we kind of live in different areas, I don’t live in New York, but I would still like to try to get this to work out, this and that,” and I was like, “Okay, well it was great talking with you, bye bye.”

So not was it only my first gay kiss, it was my first entrance into the gay world because I remember thinking, “Clingy! We’re not married…” And yeah, so that’s the story.

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