I’m From Kenosha, WI – Video Story.

by Kyle

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I’m Kyle and I’m from Kenosha, WI.

I was probably around twelve or thirteen when I first knew that I was gay and I was attracted to other guys, and that was obviously through the internet that I explored my sexuality a lot. But yeah I feel like coming out to parents especially is the most difficult, or I’ve noticed. I’ve talked to other friends, it’s been the most difficult for them as well, just because you’re so close to your parents and you’ve lived with them, you know them so intimately. And especially as somebody who is sixteen, there was no way that I could…If she’d disowned me, then where would I go? That concern definitely was there for me.

I was very hesitant to come out to her because she’s a single mother and she was so instrumental in my life, that I had been extremely worried that if she wasn’t accepting of who I was, that I wouldn’t have anybody to turn to and that basically my entire world would collapse. But that night in particular we had gotten in to an argument as we got home and doors had slammed and it was… It was probably one of our bigger fights in, that we had had recently. So I was just sitting on my bed. I was sort of teary eyed. And then she finally, she came in and she asked me what was wrong and then I completely, I lost it. I’m a very emotional person, so I just started, I just started crying, and I probably sat there for at least a minute, just in silence, and she was just standing there, just looking at me. And it was probably the most awkward, awful way of saying it, but I just sort of blurted out, I’m gay. And then, there was this moment of silence. We just looked at each other. And then she finally leaned down and gave me hug and…it was probably, I would say, one of, one of the most powerful and most affirming moments that I’ve had since I’ve told anybody that I am gay. Because I finally, there was this intense weight lifted off. I felt as if, I mean I didn’t have to worry about anything now, that I could finally, I didn’t have to hide anywhere, I didn’t have to hide how I felt, or have to pretend that I was interested in girls, or anything like that. So yeah, we just, we hugged and we were both crying and, we even started laughing at the end. That it was even such a big deal at all.

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