I’m From Pflugerville, TX – Video Story.

by Milani Arguelles

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My name is Milani. I am 27 years old. I’m from Pflugerville Texas which is a little town, just outside of Austin. Just North of Austin. And I’ve lived in Dallas for five years. So, for the longest time I’ve been coming to Sue Ellen’s and I started coming here…in 2005. Just to hang out, just with friends, met some people. Started dating, a girl, in 2008 and we used to come here all the time. And this really cute bartender would always wait on us. So, one time we came in together and my girlfriend went straight to the bathroom and the bartender, Amy goes, “well, where’s your girl?” I said, “She’s in the bathroom.” “Oh, okay.”  So we come out, we get our drinks, we do our thing, and we go home. Come in a few weeks later, and I don’t know where Heather is, and Amy’s like “Where’s your girl?” “She’s, wherever.” And one time, I come in, I remember exactly what night it was. It was December 18th, its the night Patrice Pike was singing here.  We came to see her concert, I walk in, and I run in to Amy who’s usually bartending, but tonight she’s actually off and hanging out with friends, and drinking and seeing the concert and stuff. So she say’s, “Hey, where’s your girl?” LIke she always says. “Oh, we broke up, she moved back to Boston, it’s just me.” And she say’s, “We should hang out.” Not even like a, “oh I’m so sorry for your breakup. Or, oh that sucks are you doing okay.” Its just straight up, “We should hang out.” So I said, “Okay, lets go have a drink.” So we go, we have a drink. We talk. We’ve been dating ever since. Everybody knows the joke, okay, “What does a lesbian bring on a second date?” Wait for it… “A U-Haul.” So, we sort of took it slow. But honestly, in like lesbian time, 8 months, is like 4 years! (“So any plans to move in?”) She already lives with me, what do you mean?! She moved in with me, in January!

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