I’m From Seattle, WA – Video Story

by Andy Salzer

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My family lived in Seattle and I went to college in Boston and I really love my parents so it was more of an experience where I knew I wanted to become more of who I was going to be – that was part of the experience. So I ended up going off to school and had come out like, literally, officially probably within a month of being in college.


My father, at the time, was the VP of a giant telecommunications company. There was a gay, lesbian and transgendered organization in his company. So he went to them and he said to them, “Hey my son just came out and I have all these questions and he’s answering some of them but I don’t really know.”


So we ended up becoming the liason between the gay, lesbian and transgendered organization that had their own workplace issues and the president of this company so it became this cool catalyst of information to not push these issues through but bring a lot of the pertinent issues to the forefront of the company, which I thought was really cool of them.


But the surprise was that I ended up  co-presenting an award  that his organization had given to him . So I showed up and it was people with his work and I got to present this really cool award to my father for being such a supportive person to the gay and lesbian community which was I thought was cool. And then the only weird part was afterwards we went to a gay bar and if you ever go to a gay bar with your dad – that’s really bizarre. I wouldn’t say that was a high point.

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