One Year.

One Year.

n case you couldn’t tell from the temporary banner — illustrated by none other than IFD regular Brian Ness — this week marks the one-year anniversary of I’m From Driftwood. Today’s story also just so happens to be the 350th story. Lots of milestones to celebrate!

The 350 stories have come from 23 countries around the world and from 41 states here within the United States. But more importantly, these stories are being read by people in far more places (157 countries, to be exact), in small towns and big cities, all across the world. And based on the emails I receive, your stories are helping lots of people feel like they’re not the only ones out there. So to everyone who’s submitted a story or shared the link with someone, as well as all the regular readers, a huge thank you for making the first year a big success. I have some exciting plans for IFD this next year, so keep reading, writing and sharing.

Also, be sure to join the IFD Facebook page, as I’ll be posting more stats and facts about the site, as well as reposting some of my personal favorite stories.

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