Special Event in Austin, TX.

Special Event in Austin, TX.

thursday, september 24, 6:30 – 8:00


Next Thursday, I’m going home to Texas for a special IFD event and I can hardly wait.



Much like we did in Philly, we’re going to have Live Readings of select stories from the site. There will be an after-party immediately following and they’re also creating a special I’m From Driftwood concoction. I don’t know exactly what it includes, but I heard it will involve tequila and something spicy. Works for me.

The event will be particularly special for me because I lived in Austin during my college years at The University of Texas, and it’s only about 35 minutes from Driftwood. The venue will be at Oilcan Harry’s, the first gay bar I ever went to.

If any of you are in the Austin area, I hope to see you there and would love to meet you. Click on the flyer for more details.


This is also a great time to introduce another addition to the IFD family. Jessie Tilton is the Public Relations and Event Planning rock star who organized the entire event at Oilcan’s, and is also promoting the heck out of it by getting me on local radio interviews, write-ups in newspapers and has seemingly mentioned it to every LGBT organization in the Central Texas area. Her ambition is off the charts and there are very few conversations with her on gchat that don’t end with, “next stop, Oprah.” Her bio can now be found on the About IFD page.

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