This Week’s Stories.

This Week’s Stories.

April 26 – May 2

I’m From Imperial Beach, CA. I had met a cute boy at a bar the night previous, and after some flirting we went to exchange numbers…until we realized we had obviously met drunkenly before; we had already had each others names and digits in our phones.

I’m From Miami Beach, FL. There, one day, my heart pounding to break my chest, I kissed her in full view of anyone who cared to look.

I’m From Phoenix, AZ. That’s when Jenny said in that whispery voice of hers, “No, I never came out because I never went into the closet.  One morning I realized I was a lesbian and that afternoon I told my Mom and she said OK.”

I’m From Hollis, NH. “Marc, I found this history under your AOL account,” my dad said. At this point he listed off a few of the titles — all straight porn sites — giving me a stern look. “Now these I can understand,” he continued, “but I also found these-” he opened a separate folder and to my horror saw a list of every gay site I had been frequenting.

I’m From Dubuque, IA. The downpour was intense but short and as it began to ease up, I glanced over my shoulder and stopped dead in my tracks. A clear and perfect RAINBOW arched across the sky, stretching from the Capitol building we had left an hour before to the White House we slowly trudged toward.

I’m From Altamonte Springs, FL. Even now—14 years after his death—I find it difficult to excuse his inability to show his family the version of love that we had expected & deserved, but I forgive him for hurting us, when he worked so hard to give us all he knew to give.

I’m From Philadelphia, PA. However, one rainy, grey day while I was living – or trying to live – in Zurich I opened a bottle of wine and looked up old names, one in particular. I wasn’t curious about where he lived, nor what he did for a living. None of that interested me. I wanted to know if he was gay!

I’m From New York, NY. I recounted the day’s monotony, adding, “Don’t laugh; I answered a personal.”

“Oh yeah,” he grinned. “Which one?”

I recited from memory. Skip’s smile sagged. “You’re shitting me,” he blurted. “That’s my ad!”

I’m From Philadelphia, PA. If anyone tells you true love can’t really exist between two guys, have them call me. I have a great story for them. And it all starts with a blizzard…

I’m From Johns Creek, GA. The woman had put her arm around the newcomer’s waist, reached down, and grabbed her ass. They exchanged a blissful smile and I thought my eyes would pop out of my sockets. This woman… this member of the congregation, mother, and avid prayer, was like me.

I’m From Bloomsburg, PA. What he and his teammates didn’t know was that they were in the middle of what would become the longest season in Division II history; And Sims was about to tell them he was gay.

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