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We’re From Chicago, IL – Video Story.

by Jennie Brier and Kat Hindmand

We’re From Chicago, IL – Video Story.

Today’s Video Story was collected on the 50-state Story Tour. Check out the blog where you can follow us on our adventure. If you haven’t submitted a story yet to IFD, or ifI’m Jennie Brier, I live in Chicago, Illinois and I’m from New York City. I’m Kat Hindman and I’m an Army brat, but when I was twenty I moved to New York City and I lived ...

Google Earth Satellite Image of QLA Australia

by Bodhi

I’m From Sydney, Australia.

I’ve always known that I was gay. Well before I had even heard the word, or knew its full implications. I never believed it to be wrong, how could love be so? But growing up in ...