Social Media And Obsession With Body Image Led Gay Teen To Seek Unhealthy Validation. “I Felt That This Was What I Had To Do As A Gay Man.”


My name is Kevin Carnell. I’m originally from Miami, Florida. I remember being 19 years old when I initially came out. I was going to school at the University of Central Florida. It was my sophomore year and I finally mustered up the courage to be honest with myself and …

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After Near-Fatal Bout With Weight Loss, Gay Son Chooses Happiness Over Father’s Approval.

Richard Fox

My name is Richard Fox and I’m from Queens, New York. I, in my adolescence, had gained some weight as a kid, say from my second grade to high school I basically progressively became not a heavy, not an obese child, but relatively heavy. My father set great store by …

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How Punk Music and Feminism Changed a Young Life.


My name is Rudy Garcia, and I’m from East L.A. I’m the last of eight children, and our family migrated here in the late ‘70s. My parents – at that point, by the time I reached junior high school – they could afford to send me to private school or …

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