Finding Love While Living Through The AIDS Epidemic.


Coming Out To Parents in the 1970s Wasn’t Easy But “Time Heals All.” Every every gay man knows at some point in their childhood, certainly by puberty, that – what their attractions are, but admitting it to oneself pre-Stonewall was a whole other story. When I was at Andover, you …

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Gay Man Quits Cult After Trying Reparative Therapy: “There’s More Out There. There’s A Whole World.”


I’m Matthew Olshefski and I am from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was the oldest of 3 siblings. I have a younger brother and sister and we grew up in a very happy, normal, childhood, family life. All three of us were violinists and we were homeschooled right from the …

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Encountering Homophobia At A Networking Event: “I Wasn’t Going To Let People Devalue Me.”


I am Marc Coleman. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. About 14 years ago, I started my business in what has become its current incarnation. And as in the course of running a business, there’s a lot of networking and relation-building you have to do. I remember being invited about 10 years …

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“I Was Actually Being Honest With Myself For The First Time.” Gay Man Comes Out To Wife And Kids.


My name is Markus Boos and I am from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I had been married to a woman for 10 years and we had twin boys and a dog. When we first came to Seattle, during that time, I was searching for a community. I went to the gym. …

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“In 2018, There Is A Gay, Queer, Pakistani Kid Who Loves Wearing Makeup And Is Genuinely Happy And Fearless.”


  My name is Zulfiqar Mannan and I’m from Lahore, Pakistan. Ever since I was a child, I used to trail around my mother a lot because every thought I’d have, I would want her to be the first person I can discuss it with. Every time I’d see her …

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