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by Danielle Stanziale

From Hooking Up to Happily Ever After: A Lesbian Love Story That Defied The Odds.

My name is Danielle Stanziale. I’m from Queens, New York. It was the end of summer, eight years ago, and I was sitting outside The Duplex on Christopher and Seventh Avenue. Towards the end of the summer, I’m at dinner with some friends, some very close friends, and they’re like, “What’s going on with you? You’ve been moping ...

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by Johnny

I’m From Kilgore, TX.

I’m fifteen. I’ve lost everything. I’m broken and alone. You came into my life, and destroyed all the soul left in me, but I have to fight. I have to win you back, and if I ...

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by Jesus Reyes

I’m From Joliet, IL.

I was raised in a strict Catholic home. My mother is an ex-Catholic nun. Growing up I knew I was different. I was raised with Bibles, rosaries, religious statues, the works. Growi...