Trans Woman Reflects On Her Journey: “It Was Real For Me And I Was Okay With It.”


Trans Woman Reflects On Her Journey: “It Was Real For Me And I Was Okay With It.” Yeah, I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and when I was five years old, my parents moved to Philadelphia. I was raised in Philly and went to school in Philly. Except for …

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“Sometimes I’m A Woman, Sometimes A Man. Most Of The Time I’m Neither. Sometimes I’m Both At The Same Time.”


My name is Erin Busbee. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. When I was 6 years old, I was at a playground or a park. And I’m playing with the kid there and their parent comes over and introduces himself to me and it’s like, “Hey, little guy. What’s your name?” And …

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Lesbian Avenger Recalls Highlights of 1994 “Pride Ride” And Fighting For LGBTQ Rights Across The Country.


My name is Cathie Berrey-Green and I’m from Granville, Ohio. I found myself in 1994 living in Austin, Texas. I was living in this crazy environment, like a queer collective and I needed to meet some new friends and I joined the Lesbian Avengers. I wanted to join a group …

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Encountering Homophobia At A Networking Event: “I Wasn’t Going To Let People Devalue Me.”


I am Marc Coleman. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. About 14 years ago, I started my business in what has become its current incarnation. And as in the course of running a business, there’s a lot of networking and relation-building you have to do. I remember being invited about 10 years …

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“I Would Say I’m A Cradle-to-Grave Gay Activist.”

Mark Segal

“What Was It Like? Stories by LGBTQ Elders” is a new program by I’m From Driftwood, in partnership with Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, and SAGE, the country’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ older adults. Learn more about the program here. Mark Segal’s …

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“People Started Referring To Me As A Monster.” A Gay Man’s Struggle With Alcohol


My name is Alexander Kacala, I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I never really drank or partied in high school until I turned about 18 and that’s when I discovered alcohol. In the beginning it was amazing and positive and I loved it and it definitely connected me to people and it …

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One Group Says “Act Like A Man.” One Group Says “Femme It Up.” Icon Does Neither.


My name is Icon, and I’m from Philadelphia, PA. I’ve always had a fascination with arts and performance and theater, growing up watching people like Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson or even RuPaul do their thing on stage. As a kid I always thought, “Hm, how can I be like …

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