Black Gay Man Reflects On A Life Defined By Love, Authenticity, Activism And Connection. “That’s Just Part Of Who I Am.”


  1980s: Black Gay Man On Coming Out In The South: “While I Did Come Out, I Didn’t Really Feel Free.” So, you know, for me, the last thing that I wanted to be was a gay man because growing up in a very Christian fundamentalist family, Southern Baptist, Southern …

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Lesbian Activist Recounts Her Decades-Long Fight For Equality In Philadelphia And Beyond.


1980s: Being Openly Gay In College “Wasn’t Without Some Level Of Risk Every Day.” When I was growing up in high school, I had no idea that I was LGBTQ or potentially LGBTQ. And at that point in time, no one in our age group was out in high school. …

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Trans Person Finds Community And Gender Euphoria In Philadelphia. “It’s Not Going To Be An Easy Road, But It’s Worth It.”


  My name’s Sunny Marks. I am from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. In 2016, I came out as a lesbian, as a Butch lesbian or stud, to my family and friends. It was definitely a difficult time because I had to basically live two separate lives. One, you know, as somebody who …

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After Years of Searching, Queer Man Finds Community In Philadelphia. “This Is What A Family Feels Like.”


  My name is Gabriel Marenco-Garcia and I’m from Tomball, Texas. I grew up in a predominantly Latinx household, which was also dominated by Catholicism. Even the location of where I grew up is on the far northwest side of the Houston suburbs, borderline rural, and so it was an …

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After Tough Adoption Process, Gay Couple Finally Expands Their Family. “My Son Is My Life And He Is The Perfect Addition To Our Family.”


  My name is Fred. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I can always remember when I first came out, having a conversation with my mom about, you know, just how she felt about everything. And one of the things that she said to me early on was that she lamented over …

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Gay Man Reflects On Foster-To-Adopt Journey: “They Are Our Kids And They Were Purposely Chosen.”


  I’m Gregory Yorgey-Girdy. I’m from Victoria, Texas.  I moved to Philadelphia to attend law school. Once I got here, I met my husband Paul. When I met Paul, one of the things that attracted me to him is the fact that he was very family-oriented. He comes with a …

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Trans Woman Reflects On Her Journey: “It Was Real For Me And I Was Okay With It.”


Trans Woman Reflects On Her Journey: “It Was Real For Me And I Was Okay With It.” Yeah, I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and when I was five years old, my parents moved to Philadelphia. I was raised in Philly and went to school in Philly. Except for …

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“Sometimes I’m A Woman, Sometimes A Man. Most Of The Time I’m Neither. Sometimes I’m Both At The Same Time.”


My name is Erin Busbee. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. When I was 6 years old, I was at a playground or a park. And I’m playing with the kid there and their parent comes over and introduces himself to me and it’s like, “Hey, little guy. What’s your name?” And …

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