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Satellite overhead image of Vermont from Google Earth 2022
I’m From Burlington, VT.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain about any of my experiences. Thats the instinctual thought that first crosses my mind sitting down to write this. I’m an out 18-year-old living in a...

State Satellite overhead image from Google Earth 2022

by Vivjn G.

I’m From New Britain, CT.

It’s odd. I never really saw myself spending my life with anyone. I would be on my own, and I was content. I knew I was queer, and loved it, but it didn’t really seem importan...

Google Earth Satellite Image of Oregon

by Roger Wykes

I’m From Bend, OR.

In high school I always loved going to dances, especially the dances where guys wore formal wear. I have always felt sexy wearing beautiful clothes, and there were very few social...