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Black, Lenape (Two-Spirit) Trans man, Darius, sits for interview. They are smiling and wearing a Phillies hat. They have a dark shirt on and wearing glasses.

by Darius McLean

How One Trans Couple Found Love During the Pandemic. “Don’t Be Afraid to Love and to Let It In.”

I am Darius McLean and I’m from Newfield, New Jersey.  About seven years ago I was working at the Mazzoni Center and the CHOP Gender Clinic. When I was working at Mazzoni CSo about six years later I was working at Einstein Hospital and just a little bit before that, Celena was made the executive director of the Office of LGBT Affairs, but she had be...

Danielle S Headshot

by Danielle Stanziale

From Hooking Up to Happily Ever After: A Lesbian Love Story That Defied The Odds.

My name is Danielle Stanziale. I’m from Queens, New York. It was the end of summer, eight years ago, and I was sitting outside The Duplex on Christopher and Seventh Avenue. Towards the end of the summer, I’m at dinner with some friends, some very close friends, and they’re like, “What’s going on with you? You’ve been moping ...

I’m From Spring, TX.

by Matt Radcliffe

I’m From Spring, TX.

NOTE: Matt has written two IFD stories before. You should read both incredibly powerful and emotional stories here and here before reading his newest one below. It’s so exci...

State Satellite overhead image from Google Earth 2022

by Greg Miraglia

I’m From Santa Rosa, CA.

It felt like a dream. The moon hung full over the island of Hawaii and just before midnight, under a tree in the middle of a grassy knoll, I dropped to one knee and looked up at t...