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Leon Yuan Headshot

by Leon Yuan

From Texas to Taiwan, Gay Man Overcomes Fear By Coming Out Again and Again

Hi, I’m Leon Yuan. I grew up in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. As a teenager growing up in Taiwan, I always knew I was gay. My biggest fear at the time was that if I were to come out to...

Jacob Cheek, deaf gay man smiles in blue shirt while outside telling his story

by Jacob Cheek

“I Am Deaf. I Am Gay. And I Do Belong!” Deaf Gay Student Steps Out Of Comfort Zone and Finds His Community.

Hello, everyone! I’m Jacob Cheek, and I’m from Belton, Texas. When I was an undergrad student at TAMU, I felt isolated from everyone and everything, as both a deaf and gay manAt the time, I didn’t believe I could be both deaf and gay. Ever since I transferred to UT Austin, I felt even more like a fraud in both the deaf and gay community. Through my e...