I’m From Plainview, NY – Video Story.

by scott sobol

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  1. The transcript feature on video Friday hasn’t been available for 2 weeks. Could we fix this please?

  2. Scott, thank you so much for talking about the very human need to find a group where we can “belong”.
    Like many others, I was hiding my sexuality behind a personna of heternormality.
    I came out and separated from my wife about a year and a half ago, and I’m still looking for that first friend, or group of friends that will allow me to feel like I finally belong somewhere.
    However, since I am out of my closet now, in spite of the lack of progress to date, I still have hope for the future. I have hope that I will find my community and my sense of belonging.
    I am very happy that you have found that in your life.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I can relate to this story. I also live in New York and like he said you don’t have to be small town to feel alone. I never had many friends and even to this day I don’t. There are time when I feel alone. I do have friends but they come and go.. I hope one day I get to meet people that I can be comfortable around. People who I can hang out without acting weird. Anyways good story.

  4. Quality is much more important than quantity. Those that run with an entourage do so because they fear being alone and with 40 ‘best friends’, they don’t ever really have to get too close to anyone. All my teen and adult life, Ive had lots of casual friends to chat or have a drink with, but only 2 or 3 that I’m really close to. They know me, warts and all, just as I know them and if the time ever comes that I need bail money, they’ve promised to get it together, just as I would for them. LOL.

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