I’m From Helena, AR.

by jake halbert

I was just a typical five-year-old kid on the playground, like many others, with no particular direction in life, or so I thought. That was, until I wanted to be involved in an innocent game of “house.” Many children do it. There is a mom, and a dad, and a sister, brother, dog, etc. to make up your “family” and go about your “day” at recess. I wanted to be the dad, but the thing is…I didn’t want a wife. I wanted for my best friend to also be the dad. Easy enough? Right? Two dads couldn’t hurt! Well, it worked just fine until our recess teacher caught wind of our playground shenanigans. She confronted us with apparent rage and demanded we disband our game. I asked her why my idea was so bad, and she just told me plainly then and there: “It’s just wrong. Two daddies can’t be married.” Being five, I wept. I’d realized something that would play a seriously significant role in my life. I was different. And this was bad. But as I grew, I developed my understandings of life and became very comfortable living with the innocent open-mindedness of my five-year-old self, which is fine with me. My experience taught me a lot throughout the years about opposition and individuality. I am proudly the person I am today because of it. And I can’t wait to play real “house” with two daddies.

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