I’m From Mohawk, IN.

by brett cox

I grew up in a farm family with ties to at least three churches that my family members founded. As I was growing up I realized that I was different from other boys and that I was treated differently sometimes.

I started to understand my sexuality at the same time that AIDS became a plague and I wanted to be sexually active. I liked to dress differently than others in my high school, and some guys called me a fag.

I was lucky to be in a group of friends who were very smart and funny to be with. They all loved me for who I was. I was a snazzy dresser and fun to be around. They liked me for that.

When I graduated from high school I went to Indiana University. There were so many people there of all types. I met gay boys and lesbians who all became my best of friends and or lovers.

Think about that.

Think about that again.

I promise you that you can go out and find a life that you can live. You will move beyond those horrible people who will tease you and taunt you.

We are special as a group of humans. We do not follow the norm. Thank goodness. We are the ones who make change.

Stay with it and help make the change.

I met my husband 25 years ago. We are still together and love each other. We have a multitude of friends and family. We are successful in life. We have love.

You too can have that. Or whatever you wish.

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