I’m From Traverse City, MI.

by christian eichenlaub

I was the first gay person I knew.

Until I wasn’t. ┬áThe amazing thing about Traverse City was that once I knew what I was gay, I found an amazing community, an amazing mentor, and truly found out just how cool our little city is.

I came out my Senior year of high school, which included “outing myself” at a City Commission meeting that ended up being rebroadcast on the news. One church then kicked me out, while another embraced me. And yet the students at my school, well, I have to say I am extremely proud of how they all dealt with it. Everyone knew, but almost nothing had changed. Whether out of apathy or acceptance, life went on, pretty much as normal. I have actually wanted to thank all those people recently; they could have definitely made my life harder.

For all those out there: just come out. I know it seems impossible, daunting, extreme…but in the end it is FAR easier than the dramatic tragedy you have created in your head. You will find a community, you will find friends.

Dont be scared. Dont be scared. Dont be scared.

You can do it.


  1. Good for you!! It really is a testament to the changing times…I wasn’t quite as fortunate, but it’s amazing that we’ve come so far…

  2. Thank you so much for posting this.

  3. I need to send this story to some people…

  4. Oh God, thank you.

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