I’m From Worcester, MA.

by rick thomas jr.

I was born and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness in a very strict, by the bible and controlled household. I knocked on doors, didn’t celebrate any holidays and I was a virgin until I turned 28. At that point in my life I was so miserable and unhappy because I was living this double life: God-fearing and chaste at home, and fun, relaxed and social outside of my home. So I decided to come out as a homosexual to the “Elders” who were the spiritual leaders in our church. They had two meetings with me where I had to recite every detail of every sexual encounter I had which weren’t many. They sent me out of the room, prayed and decided to disfellowship or ex-communicate me. Everything I had known from birth – my friends, my family, my beliefs – were ripped away from me on that day. My life has not been easy and even though I still have no contact with my parents (their choice), everything I have gone through, all of my life experiences – the 4 suicide attempts, being raped twice, being in abusive relationships – have made me the strong, married, proud and happy gay man that I am today.


  1. Rick you are an inspiration to everyone who finds themselves born into a social situation in which being a homosexual makes one a pariah. The strength you demonstrate will encourage others to find their own strength to persevere.

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  3. Greetings Rick: Your story took my breath away to feel what you have been through. I am so proud of your strength and happy for the good place that you have arrived at. But isn’t it really scary and sad for your parents who have but one life and they are going through it controlled and brainwashed by others. What a strangle hold their fears must have on them. It really is a pity.

    Rick, I am so very happy for your freedom and your new life. It really was worth the fight, wasn’t it?


    Rick Bushnell
    Pasadena, California

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