“She Said, ‘I Feel Like I’m Married To My Brother.’”

i'm from austin, tx. by keith uhls

On a second date, pilot Keith Uhls enjoys taking other guys up for a flight on an airplane he built himself. While he enjoys the comfort and openness of being gay now, Keith used to live a different life.

I didn’t feel like I fit the steretype, and in fact, when I was in the military myself, I proposed to a girl. I think she had it figured it, she actually said no! I had this great spot in the Grand Canyon, it had this beautiful view, and I asked her. I think deep down she already knew I was gay.

Keith wasn’t giving in so easy, though. Years later he actually did get married to a woman for 7 years, although she had suspicions as well.

Sadly, the first year we were married she asked me if I was gay. I was really confused at the time and really the point was, that I can’t be. I was in the military and had this career I wanted to pursue, I wanted to have kids and stuff like that, so it wasn’t that I wasn’t, it was that I couldn’t be.

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