“Maybe I Am A Tatted-Up, Crazy Witch Lesbian Slut And Maybe I Just Need To Go Be That Person.”


My name is Autumn and I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I grew up in a small cabin, Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouse type situation that my dad built in the middle of a state forest in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. I grew up in a really Christian environment, so anything that deviated …

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“Sometimes I’m A Woman, Sometimes A Man. Most Of The Time I’m Neither. Sometimes I’m Both At The Same Time.”


My name is Erin Busbee. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. When I was 6 years old, I was at a playground or a park. And I’m playing with the kid there and their parent comes over and introduces himself to me and it’s like, “Hey, little guy. What’s your name?” And …

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Gay Man Elected Homecoming Queen, Raises Awareness for Gender Nonconforming Issues

Che Che Headshot

Hello. My name is Che-Che Turrubiartez. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. Back in 2009, I used to be part of this youth group at the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance. And, you know, every single year at the Day of Silence, we had an “ask” and our “ask” was was to CPS, …

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