Lesbian Rapper Shares Tribute to Gay Uncle.


My name is Monique Contreras and I’m from Orange County, was raised in Missouri, and I have currently been living in Los Angeles the past 10 years. I cut hair, and I mostly cut male hair, barber-style, old school, I love doing that. I think it’s nostalgic for me because …

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After Struggling With Homelessness, Angela Makes a Better Life For Herself.

My name is Angela Louis, I’m from Brooklyn, NY. Ever since I was born I knew something was different. I knew I was born in the wrong body. Wanting to have a boyfriend and wanting to feel some type of belonging, I ended up meeting this guy. He lived out …

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Richard Socarides Recalls Coming Out To His Dad, One of the Founders of Conversion Therapy

While everyone’s coming out story is different, Richard Socarides’ might be one of the most unique. Richard, who served as President Clinton’s senior adviser on gay rights, explains his coming out experience in his twenties: [My father] was the founder, or one of the founders, of the school of psychiatry …

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