From Open Relationship To Polyamorous Marriage: “Sometimes You Think You Know What You Want. And Then You Get Something Else.”


My name is June. I’m from Houston, Texas. At the beginning of 2018, I was in a relationship. It was a longer term relationship than I had ever been in. And he and I learned a lot of things together. And he and I were in an open relationship. I’d …

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Gay Man Meets His Idol, Quentin Crisp: “There’s A Mantle Of Activism That Must Be Passed From Generation To Generation.”


I’m Stephen Mosher. I’m from Dallas, Texas. When I was in college, I met the man that would eventually become my husband and during the first weeks when we’re together, sharing each other’s stories, we discovered that we had had identical experiences with the movie The Naked Civil Servant, which …

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Texas Drag Queen’s Parents Evolve From “You’re Going To Hell” To “Being Presidents Of My Fan Club.”


My name is Timothy Byars. I’m from Wichita Falls, Texas. Every time the church doors were open, we were there. My granny was – played the piano every Sunday and Wednesday. My dad was the praise and worship minister. My mom worked in the nursery and she was the youth …

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