We’re From Queens, NY, and Clear Lake, TX – Video Story

by damien butvick and rafi mittlefehldt

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DAMIEN: My name is Damien Butvick and I’m from Queens, NY.

RAFI: I’m Rafi Mittlefehldt and I’m from Clear Lake, TX.

DAMIEN: So our first date was at this Belgian beer garden called Spuyten Duyvil. And, he was 20 minutes late. I bought two beers while I was waiting 20 minutes in the back yard, waiting for him to arrive. And when he did arrive, he looked good. Like, objectively, he was handsome.

RAFI: Objectively handsome.

DAMIEN: He looked cute. And I shook his hand and we sat down and began our date.

RAFI: Um, I was very late. But I–

DAMIEN: 20 minutes.

RAFI: I was 20 minutes late. But it was one of those things where I, I mean, I left a little bit late but probably only about 5 minutes late. And the whole time I’m thinking, well, crap, it’s one thing if we already know each other, but this is my first impression, or his first impression of me and I’m going to be super, super late. So I got there and he seemed okay, but apparently he had been texting his friend about how late I was, which I only found out later.

DAMIEN: Yeah. I sent the text message to a friend of mine and I said he’s 20 minutes late. And he’s like, “Are you serious?” And before I responded, you walked in.

RAFI: Yeah, but luckily I was so breathtakingly handsome that you totally forgot about it.

DAMIEN: You were handsome.

RAFI: Breathtakingly handsome.

DAMIEN: And it was good, and we kept buying each other rounds and that was nice. It was nice that he was somebody who drinks because I like that.

RAFI: Yeah, it was nice that he was late and an alcoholic, is what he’s saying.

DAMIEN: No, they have wine and you can also get cheese and meat plates at this place so we ordered that and Rafi took out his card to pay for it and so now I was even more impressed, I was like, cool, because then he got the last round, too, and now he’s paying for the meat and cheese, so alright, he has money as well.

RAFI: And that wasn’t true because I don’t have any money.

DAMIEN: Yeah, everything was false. So, I walked you to the BQE and we still hadn’t kissed or anything like that and then it was like, alright, well it’s the end of the night and, I forget how it happened. I think I made a move.

RAFI: Yeah, I don’t really remember.

DAMIEN: I made the move.

RAFI: Okay, apparently he made the move.

DAMIEN: So we kissed and we just kinda made out for fifty minutes. Five-zero, not fifteen.

RAFI: Yeah, about an hour. Under the BQE because that’s really romantic.

DAMIEN: It really was.

RAFI: Right next to the BQE Discount Wine and Liquor Store. It was really a nice setting. Very sweet.

DAMIEN: Yeah. So that was our first date. And our second date was four days later. And he was 20 minutes late.


  1. I’m glad to see Rafi still has that quick wit. 😉

  2. Sure, the BQE has it’s romance, but I think you’re missing out if you don’t consider the Belt as well.

  3. LOL. Some people just can’t help it. They will always be late. We call it (Native American) Indian time.

  4. I’m not always late! Those first two dates were total flukes.

  5. At least Rafi is predictably late. Now you just have to schedule your dates accordingly. :)

    Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  6. BQE Discount Wine and Liquor Store: Not a bad place if your an always late aalcoholic,

    However, didn’t Rafi beat Damien on Saying “I love you.”

  7. The idea of interviews with couples is GREAT I think. As an isolated gay kid — or even as a closeted/confused young man — I had a fair number of representations of LGBT people out there in culture or among friends of friends. But successful/cute LGBT *couples*? The fact that there are so many of these relationships out there that work and that are totally adorable? That’s something I didn’t really find out until I came out and started making lots of gay friends.

    These guys are great role models, and there are a million more, and I’m so glad they’re being put out there.

  8. Cute account. Come to think of it, Rafi was late for his job interview too — but I was particularly generous that day and went on hiring him.

  9. Ha… that made me smile and laugh. Although it was a long time ago that I knew Damien, I can still remember the same kind of humor. The both of you write excellent blogs.

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