I’m From Atlanta, GA – Video Story.

by Justin Moon

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My name is Justin Moon and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to talk a little bit about when I got married. I was diagnosed with brain cancer, a year ago and it was right at the time of – near the nasus of my illness and I was at home and he was thinking sooner rather than later and we were sitting on the bathtub having a kind of somber moment and he asked me,”So what would you think about us getting married?” And I was like “Yeah.” Then seven months later we made it happen. My husband, my now husband I should say, and I, we flew to Boston, Massachusetts and I remember a couple of things – well first of all, Boston’s a beautiful city and we get to City Hall and there’s a pride flag because we got there in June, at the top of June, which is their gay pride month and actually at the kick off ceremony so it was like, to see this pride flag being flown at the State Capital was like “wow” pretty intense. So we were anxious about getting the whole thing done and just thinking, if it’s not going to happen in one trip, so why get our hopes up? Being anxious about that, and not too optimistic, I should say. Because what normally has to take place is you apply for the license and then there’s a three day waiting period where the license is approved or not. But we were granted a waver. So it was immediate. We walked across where you had to go to the courthouse to be granted the waver because we had to go before a judge and the couple right before us they were going through this nasty eight year divorce thats been going on for so long and the judge – when she called us up to the stand, she was like “It’s so nice to see another side of marriage, another face of marriage, so I wish you guys all the happiness in the world.” And the courtroom applauded. I was like, are you kidding me? The sequence of events was just wild. And it has given me so much to hope for, you know? Other than my husband who is wonderful, I love him so much. I could never have imagined that I would be worthy of someone so wonderful. And he is truly wonderful. But the trip to Boston was like a fairy tale. Was picture perfect. And I won’t forget it for the rest of my life.

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