I’m From Belle Fourche, SD.

by Rob Garness

Satellite overhead image of south dakota from Google Earth 2022

I’m from Belle Fourche, SD, and my story doesn’t know where to start.

My story is like a season of 90210, mixed with Buffy, and a dash of Lost.

My story involves three crushes on straight guys, a large number of ‘best friends of the week’, and a dad that didn’t need to be told, he just knew.

My story began with MSN Messenger and is now being told through Microsoft Word.

My story is ongoing.

My story has someone representing every name of the alphabet…the most important, and the one I still unrequitedly love, being R.

My story has been misrepresented by many causing my story to get even more complex.

My story has a Hollywood-ready slow dance to “Fix You” by Coldplay.

My story has been from Belle Fourche, SD; to London, England; to Chicago, IL.

My story has heartfelt letters, impassioned voicemails, and too many drunk dials.

My story has inside jokes involving bears, Doctor Who, valley girls, and architecture.

My story has pivotal characters in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Iowa…not to mention South Dakota.

My story has three suicide attempts, endless embarrassment, and four people that will be missed forever.

My story has elements of your story and your story and your story.

Because our story is my story and my story is ours.

And finally, my story tries to be deeper than it actual is.

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